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Attention jazz lovers and not only! Jazz Dance House and Pub has opened!

Do you want to relax? Maybe you feel like getting a drink or just coffee in a cozy and harmonic place with your friends or your sweetheart. Or you just simply love to dance and you are passionate about jazz music. If so, your place is in the Jazz Dance House and Pub. Imagine an evening with your lover or with your friends in a pleasant place, with live jazz or classical music performances. The Jazz Dance House and Pub will offer you a time and a place for recreation and relaxation.


We also have an opportunity for freshman jazz musicians and vocalists to get burst into public consciousness by showing  their talent for the audience on Friday evenings.

Besides these we are planning to host cultural events too, so once in a month we give the chance for young actors and actresses to organize reading and artistic evenings with different topics.

Jazz Dance House and Pub is one of the most harmonic places in the whole city for people who love live music and not only for those, for anyone who wants to have a good time.

Return To Forever - 1976

Remember, you can join our dance classes for beginners every Monday morning.

Our goal is to offer you a peaceful and relaxing place and with our services we want to create for you a fun time.

With our unique tea and coffee specialties we would like to offer flavorful options during the time that you spend in the Jazz Dance House and Pub and with our live music performance we also want to warm your heart. We know you sometimes want to be nostalgic with your friends or you are ready to spend a romantic evening with your darling, so come on over.


If you want to get more information about us, please visit our  new website and Facebook page. But most importantly please visit and spend a few hours in the pub or apply for dancing classes and we guarantee that you will leave happy and content and will be planning when to come back again.

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